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International Search Group Fee Schedule

International Search Group's service charge is 25% of total first years income of the selected candidate for the first year of employment. Total first years income means the candidate’s base salary and guaranteed bonus for the first twelve months of employment.

Travel (if necessary) expenses will be charged back to the client.

A service charge shall be due for effected hire not only in the position to which an individual is referred by our company, but also to any other position, at a later date (up until one year) as the result of the original referral. The service charge is also due, if the individual is utilized as a consultant, independent contractor, or in other form of work relationship during a one-year period.


The first installment, which is one-third (1/4) of the total service charge, is due four (4) weeks from the signing of the contract. Candidate research will commence upon the signing of the contract. The second installment, which is one fourth (1/4) of the total service charge, is due upon acceptance of the credentials and introduction to the client of at least three (3) qualified candidates. The third installment, which is one half (1/2) of the total service charge, is to be paid upon the start date of the selected candidate. Invoices are forwarded upon the first day of employment and are payable upon receipt. Invoices remaining unpaid thirty days after the date of the invoice will be charged a late payment of 18% annually (1.5% per month), together with expenses of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees.

If the candidate placed in Company by International Search Group leaves the Company or is terminated for reasonable cause by the Company within sixty (60) calendar days of the start date, the following refund shall be made to the Company if International Search Group can not find another qualified candidate within sixty days:

The third installment paid to International Search Group will be returned to the client company. Termination date is to be defined as last day of candidate's employment at Company.

This contract shall be construed according to the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


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