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International Search Group Process

The key to International Search Group's success is our ability to identify the right match for your company. We do so by working closely with our clients so that we have a thorough understanding of their vision and plans in order to establish a level of understanding and a selection process that works well with their particular style. We seek clients who understand that their speed of response and detailed feedback during the selection process are critical to successful results.

A successful project requires that we obtain complete information about the organization, its business plan, and the executive team in place. A thorough "specification session" which includes information on the business plan and financial structure (if applicable) of the organization is essential. Signing a nondisclosure agreement is often the first step. The specification session must clearly identify what aspects of the plan are releasable to prospects and sources at what points in the process. We encourage speaking to everyone who will be involved in the hiring decision. The position description is prepared initially to document our understanding of the responsibilities of the job and the selection criteria in terms of "required" and "preferred."

Based on the position description, and recommendations on organizational interests or prohibitions, a list of company sources and names is generated by International Search Group. Initial "presentation interviews" are started and all issues are discussed. It is our policy not to source candidates from organizations that we have represented within a year. In ongoing relationships this represents a rolling commitment.

We target four to six weeks for initial prospect identification and candidate screening, including a face-to-face meeting whenever possible. We encourage clients to interview candidates as they are submitted to confirm their criteria and calibrate the personal style fit. Additional time may be needed if the schedules of key prospects delay meetings or important sources of candidates are geographically dispersed. Feedback from the client within one week of receipt of the candidate profile is important to maintaining this timetable. We encourage weekly telephone status meetings in addition to specific candidate discussions. We guarantee to introduce you to a minimum of three "qualified" (meaning they meet your "required" criteria) and "serious" (meaning they are seriously interested in opportunities that are the right fit) candidates, and will work with you until an acceptable candidate is hired. If qualified and interested candidates cannot be identified within six weeks, a detailed review of the project will take place in order to review the candidate criteria, the search strategy, and interviews.

Typically, degree verifications and one reference interview are carried out prior to a candidate meeting with the hiring managers. In depth references will be conducted as the degree of mutual interest is established, as this is an important but sensitive issue.

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